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This election is about who can deliver—on housing, the environment, mental health, and what will make a meaningful difference in the Hudson Valley. Right now, we're simply not getting the support we used to get from Albany. Gabi Madden isn't running to push a personal agenda—she's running to deliver impactful results for the community that shaped her. As a Chief of Staff in the legislature, Gabi helped pass real relief for families and solve thousands of constituent service cases. 


It’s clear why Sarahana Shrestha has been ineffective in the Assembly—she'd rather prove a point than make a difference, voting against the Democrat-backed state budget and housing plan. She voted against tenant protections and against building much needed housing in district. She even voted against funding for mental health resources for our children. Worse yet, Sarahana Shrestha has passed fewer bills during her term than any Assemblyperson in our district in decades—delivering far less state funding for our community than we need. In the midst of housing and mental health crises, we need someone in Albany who will bring our community results.

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