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The Madden Plan

Democrat Gabi Madden is the effective progressive and a proven community leader.

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We can count on Gabi to deliver real results for Ulster and Dutchess.

  • Stable and Safe Housing by supporting affordable housing, tenant protections, responsible development, and delivering real property tax relief.

Push for stronger tenant protections to prevent against evictions 

  • Build off the progress of the Tenant Protection and Rent Stabilization Act of 2019, and support municipalities through the local adoption process while protecting our tenants against wrongful evictions. 

  • Provide the resources necessary to perform vacancy rate studies to determine rent control eligibility.

Lead the fight for responsible development that protects homeowners and creates housing we can afford 

  • Deliver real property tax relief by decoupling property taxes and public school funding so families can stay in our neighborhoods, while ensuring the quality of a child’s education isn’t determined by their zip code. 

  • Reviewing the methodology used to calculate what is considered ‘affordable housing’ 

Addressing New Development in our Backyards 

We all know that increased housing stock is a necessity in combating the housing crisis here in Ulster and Dutchess, but many of our communities are also worried about housing developments impacting their neighborhoods and our beautiful natural environment. That is where I come in as your State Representative.

I have served as a partner to municipalities on a variety of new development proposals. Most of which have been successfully completed, working in tandem with the communities they are within to ensure residents are prioritized throughout the process, and construction is completed on time so relief can be provided immediately. I have also been successful in halting bad actor developers that have not acted in the good faith of the communities they are seeking to serve. When these proposals come before municipal planning boards for consideration, and do not allow for the collaboration and weigh in of local residents, we know they are not looking to serve the best interest of our community. 

Serving as your State Representative, it is my responsibility to identify and leveredge State Regulatory Authorities involved in the development approval process, that I will leveredge on behalf of my communities. These State Regulatory entities are the legal counsels many of us never realized we were paying into. 

Funded by taxpayer dollars, entities like the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Agriculture and Markets, all have enforcement powers granted by the State Legislature that should be utilized in instances of harmful development, it the job of State Reps to hold those government agencies accountable to our communities here in Ulster and Dutchess. This show of state force had been successful in shutting down bad actor developers. I offer this example to demonstrate the tools at our disposal, so taking on new housing developments in our district is less daunting for municipalities with limited legal recourse. 

For example, the Clovewood Development, a housing proposal neglecting the best interest of the community it was seeking to serve, required State intervention which I spearheaded during my time as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Senate. By identifying the regulatory entities involved, as well as the enforcement mechanisms that could be levied, I was successful in leading the charge to have the highest fines in DEC history levied onto these bad actor developers, hurting them where they feel it most, their pockets.

I am currently working to achieve a similar pursuit with regard to the Warehouse proposal in the Town of Plattekill which would negatively impact my communities of Gardiner and New Paltz. Serving as that lifeline to our municipalities and their respective communities as it relates to State intervention is where my six years experience comes in, it's where I have proven success in supporting sustainable growth that is within the best interest of the constituents I am seeking to represent. This is good government at its finest, serving as an advocate and watchdog for the people, just as initially intended. But, strong leadership is necessary to effectively pursue these Good Government Solutions, which starts with your vote for me, Gabi Madden on June 25th. 

Providing unique solutions specific to the housing landscape of Ulster and Dutchess Counties

  • Increased funding for Manufactured Home Advantage Program (MHAP), as well as expanded Manufactured Home Tenant Protections, which would specifically benefit our district, where the highest concentration of manufactured housing communities exist in the State. 

  • Increased resources for Municipal Building, Zone and Code Enforcement to streamline the Accessory Dwelling Unit process, providing additional income to help aging seniors to stay in their homes, while increasing rental stock for tenants. 

  • Funds for municipalities to review impact of ADU’s on traffic, septic and water, to ensure long term sustainability of local ADU enactment. 

  • Secure financial support for Legal Services of the Hudson Valley so they can process more tenant/landlord cases.

  • Secure a line item for RUPCO towards the $42.7 million Quality Inn Redevelopment Project in the Town of Ulster.

  • Advocate for the transfer of program designation to properly support The Stuyvesant, A RUPCO housing complex in Kingston.

  • Secure workforce housing incentives for employers in Ulster and Dutchess who have successfully invested in and created housing units for new employees during their first year, allowing renters to save and eventually live independently.

  • Bolster Infrastructure in preparation for increased populace as experience results of Climate Change nationally, with Americans fleeing Western, Southern and MidWest states due to Flooding and Wildfires.

Community First 

  • Worked in senior leadership positions in the State Legislature

  • Protected choice by advancing the Reproductive Health Act and led historic efforts to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

  • Facilitated millions of dollars in State funding to our communities and non-profits.

  • Resolved thousands of cases for constituents


Climate Leader

  • Being Climate and Community-Centered so the Hudson Valley can be an economic and environmental leader in the transition to renewables from fossil fuels.

Healthcare Protection

  • Protecting Our Healthcare by maintaining and strengthening the services in our community including mental health infrastructure and supporting our seniors.


Education First

  • Elevation through Education by investing in childcare, Pre-K, and workforce readiness programs to secure a brighter future for the Hudson Valley.

Affordability For Everyone

  • Advancing Affordability to help Hudson Valley families not just survive but thrive.

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Supporting Our First Responders

Our Fire Departments have demonstrated great resilience and adaptability. Despite obstacles such as dwindling membership, increased costs, and regulatory bureaucracy,  they are finding creative methods of outreach, recruitment, and fundraising. It’s time for your Assembly Representative to do their part!


As a 28 year old New Yorker, I understand the importance in getting the next generation of volunteers involved. But with many of us working two, sometime three jobs just to pay bills while caring for kids and aging parents, the time available to volunteer in the community is scarce. I’m eager to put forward effective solutions for our Fire Departments and amplify their voices in Albany!


A few initiatives I am eager to hit the ground running on include -

  • Increased budget funding to support Fire Department sustainability and Member Grants for updated equipment to ensure our firefighters are well positioned to successfully respond and rescue. Providing our Departments with a dedicated Grants Administrator to better assist in identifying and applying for the increasingly competitive NYS grant application process (your tax dollars allocated annually to statewide funding programs, you deserve an Assembly Member who will ensure that money is funneled back to our communities instead of other parts of the State. 

  • Better incentives to drive new membership such as SUNY/CUNY Tuition Waivers, Increased Tax Credits, Transportation Stipends, Exam Fee Waivers for all Departments, Automatic Participation into State Offered Incentive Programs, Alleviating Unnecessary Paperwork & Filing Requirements, Supportive Housing for Trainees, Free Childcare, Loosening Restrictions on Fundraising Methods - these are all just a few ways the State can better support the Next Generation of Fire in NYS! 

Protecting Reproductive Freedoms

In 2019, I was proud to work in the capacity as Assembly Insurance Committee Clerk to pass the Reproductive Health Act  codifying Roe v Wade in NYS. In this capacity of clerk, I also helped to draft and pass the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act in NYS, ensuring all forms of birth control were covered under insurance plans, both private as well as medicaid plans. This also included a measure specific to IVF treatment, mandating coverage for at least the first three cycles under private insurance plans. 

I am a strong advocate for strengthening physician's rights when treating patients from out of state, and have long supported enacting Shield Laws within NYS to do exactly that, signed by the Governor in 2023. Good news, FY2024 budget allocated $100.7 million in new funding to support abortion providers and reproductive health care, but it's important that our representative advocates to ensure that funding comes back to District 103, bringing our tax dollars back home. NYS also recently enacted a bill allowing for birth control to be prescribed up to 12 months without a prescription, and last spring, Gov. Hochul purchased 5 years worth of a form of birth control repealed recently in various other states. 

Most recently, we worked on the Equal Rights Amendment, requiring passage by the state legislature two consecutive session terms in a row, equating to 4 years, which is why it's so important that we are successful in the appeal process currently underway, filed to get this constitutional amendments added back as a ballot proposition in November.

Going forward, I am eager to support The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program (RFEP) which creates a sustainable funding mechanism through the New York State Department of Health to provide grants to abortion providers and abortion and logistical support funds.

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